PicSell AR

PicSell AR app lets you easily see your chosen pictures on the wall before you decide to purchase a framed printout thanks to PicSell Platform. It uses augmented reality (AR) to seamlessly blend pictures into your real environment.

See pictures in AR on your wall

Step one:
Get the app on your phone.

Step two:
On your phone, visit one of services supported by PicSell:

Wydrukuj Fotografie

Tomasz Tomaszewski

Marcin Górzyński

Step 3:
Follow the instructions on your screen.


What should I do to see a picture on my wall using augmented reality (AR)?

First you need to have a smartphone compatible with AR technology. Next, install the PicSell AR app from Google Play (Android) or Apple Store (iOS).

After installing the application, go to the website of the photographer using the PicSell Platform (e.g. and select and parameterize the picture that you like.

After clicking the “See this picture on your wall” button, the application will open automatically. Follow the instructions in the application to view the picture in AR.

Which smartphones support AR technology?

A list of AR- compatible Android smartphones is available here:

All Apple smartphones from iPhone 6S up support AR.

The application does not work – I see a black screen instead of the background. What to do?

For the application to work, permission must be given to receive camera data. Check in the application settings that you have given permission to use the camera and then close and re-open the application.

When displayed in the application, the picture is not stable and changes its position by itself, what to do?

The application requires, above all, good ambient lighting. First, try to let more light into the room and/or turn on the available lighting.

A necessary condition for the stable operation of AR technology is also making sure that smartphone camera covers contrasting objects in its view. That is how the app is able to track its movement and location.

If your room has few contrasting features – the floor and walls are uniform or highly glossy, the best solution would be to print A4 marker from here, hang it on the wall and choose marker detection mode to place the picture.

The picture seems larger / smaller than I had chosen in the web configurator, what should I do?

In some cases, it is not possible to detect the correct surface on which the application should display the picture. In the event that the picture appeared in a size not matching the selected one, try again to re-detect the wall through the “Reset” option.

If you chose to use the floor detection mode, for best results stand about 2 meters from the wall, in a place where the floor and wall intersection is clearly visible.

To make sure that the picture is displayed in the right size, print an A4 marker from here and hang it on the wall

I chose wall detection mode but the application does not detect it.

The wall detection mode only works correctly for walls with clearly visible features – e.g. there is wallpaper with contrasting patterns or real pictures already on the wall.

This mode will not work correctly with empty, solid walls. In this case, try using the floor detection mode and manual indication of its intersection with the wall, remembering that part of the detected floor should be visible in the camera view all the time. 

You can also print an A4 marker from here and choose the marker placement mode for most reliable viewing results.

Do I need to have a printed A4 marker? Where to download it from?

Placing a printed marker on the wall ensures the most accurate reproduction of the actual image scale.

If accurate reproduction of the image scale is not essential, the marker is not needed. The application has modes that do not need a marker. However, these modes work best in rooms that have many visual contrast features, e.g. contrasting wallpaper, floor or furniture designs.

For rooms where walls and floors have little contrasting features or are highly reflective, these modes will not work properly and a printed marker should be used. The marker can be downloaded from here and should be printed in A4 format.

I want to buy the picture, what to do?

To buy a picture, you should return to the browser in which you opened the picture page and complete the purchase on the page. While viewing the picture in AR, click the bottom left icon on the screen to return to product website.